The Toa Skeelax were the Toa team assigned to Makuta Matata. Template:Faction Infobox


The Toa Skeelax were hand-picked by Makuta Matata as Matoran and were trained to protect Makuta Matata at all costs.

Gigas Magna StorylineEdit

All the Toa Skeelax were ambushed and killed by the mysterious Toa Charon, except for Tsunami, who escaped to the distant planet Zinia.

Ryta StorylineEdit

While rescuing Jaca, Tsunami and Earthquake were found in a prison and broken free by Zataka. Their fate is unknown.


  • Inferno - Toa Skeelax of Fire.
  • Blizzard - Toa Skeelax of Ice.
  • Tsunami - Toa Skeelax of Water.
  • Twister - Toa Skeelax of Air.
  • Earthquake - Toa Skeelax of Earth.
  • Avalanche - Toa Skeelax of Stone.


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