Talon is a Dark Hunter in the Life Multiverse. He was formerly a dictator on the planet Vantruss X.

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Early LifeEdit

Talon was a warrior on the planet Vantruss X. He overthrew the planetary government and made himself dictator. He was discovered to the Dark Hunters and brought to their base.

Shadow JourneyEdit

Shortly after being properly induced into the organization by The Shadowed One, Talon was sent on a mission with Shadow to recover two artifacts as his first trial. Shadow was ordered to attempt to kill him as part of the test.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Talon is of a species that appear to be Rahi, but are in fact highly intelligent. He has the power of Rahi Control.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

Talon has strong natural armor, as well as implanted mechanical probes on his elbows that can serve as shields. He has two natural claws on his arms that earned him his name.


  • "Talon" is the being's real name, not his code name.
  • Talon's voice sounds somewhat like Gollum.