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Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Siria's early life was simple. She was a Matoran on Zinia until she and five others found six Toa Stones. They all became Toa, and they became the guardians of Zinia. Later, they met Tsunami, another Toa of Water who travled there from a planet far away. They let her join their group, but then when all the Toa were killed except her, Tsunami and Hixia, Tsunami was falsly blamed for the crime, and was banished to the mountains.

Flamu: Impending Danger Edit

Siria met Flamu coming from Aqua Magna when running from a currently unknown species. Siria wears the Kanohi Ivik, the Mask of Fitness

Abilities and Traits Edit

Siria is an average aged Toa who is very dutiful. She can also sometimes have a good sense of humor.

Siria wears the Kanohi Ivik, the Mask of Fitness

Appearances Edit

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