The Shadow Nightguards of the Life Multiverse were designed by Fayron for use as bodyguards. Later, the Dark Hunters adapted them for use as assassins. Template:Object2


the Katorax inventor Fayron made many prototypes in order to perfect the design of the Katorax Armor. After his dramatic success, he looked at some of the first designs, and combined the attributes of some of them to create mechanical bodyguards but refused to mass-produce them, fearing their power in battle. While being manufactured, two hundred were stolen by The Shadowed One for the Dark Hunters' use. Durx had a few of them as servants, and when he abandoned the Dark Hunters, so did they. They are currently serving as order enforcers on the planet of Karzahni.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

The Shadow Nightguards have the capacity to wield almost any weapon, though they are produced with a specific kind of sword. Their design is very loosely based on the Gligg, but as Fayron could not develop a material as dense and powerful as the makeup of a Gligg's body, he added armor and created a robot with little similarity to the creature it is based off of.

The robots have extreme amounts of agility and power, able to defeat Toa in battle, but they have the major flaw of being unable to learn. They are not able to learn battle moves or an opponent's tactics unless programmed to do so. Fayron never realized this flaw, but the Dark Hunters reprogrammed them to have more of an advantage. It is rumored that Death is in possession of a sentient unit that can undergo regular thinking processes.