Maka-Taka is a fusion of Teridax and Takanuva from the story The Dimension Chronicles Template:Character Infobox

Biography Edit

Teridax attempted to enter Mata Nui's brain in the Coliseum, but accidentally stepped into the body of Takanuva, creating a fusion of the two called Maka-Taka. Mata Nui was awakened, and Maka-Taka was imprisoned in the Mask of Light and banished from the Matoran Universe, ending up on Bara Magna.

The mask landed on Raanu, the elder of the village of Vulcanus and one of the two survivors of the massive attack of the Fruit Glatorian, transforming Raanu into Raanu-G, a Glatorian. Maka-Taka re-formed out of the Mask of Light, attacking Raanu-G and Tarix, transforming Tarix into a being called Garix. Suddenly, Raanu-G used his Kanohi Olmakla and transported Maka-Taka to another location.

Maka-Taka arrived somewhere else on Bara Magna: in front of the being named The Hunter, a former Dark Hunter from Maka-Taka's universe who had been brought there by Mata Nui for a multitude of crimes. Maka-Taka sensed the appearance of Mata Nui from another dimension, where the Plan had succeeded. Knowing that Raanu-G wore a Kanohi Olmakla, he assigned The Hunter to get the mask so that they could travel to the dimension where the new Mata Nui had come from.

Weapons and ToolsEdit

Maka-Taka carries a sword and a Shadow Blaster.


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