Kutrax is a Makuta.

Physical description

Elemental Shadow powers, all Kraata Powers


Shadow Scyte, modified Nynrah Ghost Blaster



Chronological and political information


Early lifeEdit

Kutrax was created by Mata Nui alongside all other Makuta, and resided in the Matoran universe. He allied with Kutrax and Kunaku in a rebellious group of Makuta that would later become the Order of Darkness.

Later on, he and Velnax created a highly advanced city in space, called Robotopolis.

Hunt for FaironEdit

Shortly after the disappearance of the Great Being Brominax, the Toa named Flamu attacked Kutrax, but Kutrax teleported him to a different planet. Fairon was sent to discover Brominax's location, and, on Velnax's orders, Kutrax ambushed Fairon. They engaged in an aerial battle and Fairon was sent plunging into the Silver Sea.

Kutrax then engaged in the capture of Sacho Nui and found none other than Fairon, who was still alive, in the prison of a Brotherhood warship. However, Fairon and his teammate Rantu managed to escape, and Velnax berated Kutrax for his failure. Soon after, a small team from another universe, led by a being named Raanu-G, arrived there looking for Shadowdermis. Kutrax merely laughed and teleported them away.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Kutrax has access to the element of shadow and the 40+ Makuta powers.

Mask and ToolsEdit

Kutrax wears a Kanohi Shelek, Mask of Silence, which allows him to deafen and mute other beings. His tools are the Shadow Scythe and a modified Nynrah Ghost Blaster.


Kutrax is cruel and arrogant and shows absolutely no pity or mercy of any sort. However, he allows Velnax to command him.


  • His body design was inspired by YouTuber Moonwerewolfair's Makuta Razirik.
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