"We will do, as we have always done, whatever necessary."
―Flamu to Velnax on the Order of Mata Nui [src]
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Lava sword, flame gun



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Toa Flamu was a Toa of fire and a member of the Order of Mata Nui prior to the onset of the First Order of Darkness War. His current status is not known.

Biography Edit

Order of Mata NuiEdit

The Ta-Matoran Flamu lived on the island of Sacho Nui, and was known to be good friends with Rantu. The two were recruited by the Order of Mata Nui in 999 AGC, beginning their training under several mentors, including Dorex. Flamu finished his training first.

He was sent on six missions over the next year. All were negotiating sessions with other factions (in which he posed as a representative of other islands in order to prevent conflicts from breaking out), in which he showed much potential. This earned him the nickname "the Negotiator."

Mission to RobotopolisEdit

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Following the capture of the Order operatives Shayla and Brominax by the Brotherhood of Makuta splinter faction called the Order of Darkness, Flamu was sent to negotiate the terms of their release. He was teleported to the city of Robotopolis, where he confronted the Order's leader, Velnax.

Velnax demanded the Keeper of the Elder Prophecies in exchange for the return of the hostages, but Flamu refused after receiving a message from his superiors, which also informed him that a strike team was also being teleported to the city to aid them. However, thanks to the teleportation redirection of Shadowdermis, the team never arrived at their destination.

Velnax, seeing the dispatching of the strike team as an act of war, commanded Makuta Kutrax and his Vortixx guards to kill Flamu so as to send a message to the Order. Flamu succeeded in stunning Kunaku and disarming the Vortixx, and confronted Velnax. Unknown to Flamu, Kutrax was not unconscious, and the Makuta managed to sneak up behind the Toa and impale him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Flamu controlled the elemental power of fire. He bore a Kanohi Garn, mask of explosions, which allowed him to create bursts of energy at will. However, using it exhausted his powers, so he had to be careful not to over-use it.

He used a lava sword and flame gun.


  • Flamu's name is derived from the word 'flame'.
  • His Order of Mata Nui authorization code is 2918651242.
  • A short story titled Flamu: Impending Danger was begun by Template:User, which starred Flamu and revealed that he had survived the mission to Robotopolis. It was set on the faraway planet Zinia, and it told of Flamu's adventures with the native Toa while trying to defeat the Baterra-like Bay-Tech robots. However, the story was canceled due to a lack of ideas.