Fayron is a Katorax inventor in the Life Multiverse. Template:Character2


Early LifeEdit

The Katorax species was created by the High Being Life, but they had no armor of any sort and Life abandoned them as failures. Among those Katorax was Fayron.

About forty years later, Fayron had a friend named Durx, but they had a falling-out when Fayron designed armor for his species, which was mass-produced and worn by every Katorax. Jealous, Durx joined the Dark Hunters, hoping to earn glory of his own.

Building on his success, Fayron designed more things, such as robots and prosthetics, which became commonplace. He also made cheap Matoran claws, called "Fay-Claws", to be used in defense against Rahi. One of Fayron's robot designs, the Shadow Nightguards, proved to be so powerful that he refused to mass-produce them. However, they were stolen by the Dark Hunters.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Fayron has great skill in engineering, having invented the Katorax Armor and the Fay-Claws, not to mention many others besides. He also wears Katorax Armor for protection.